Abergele author’s book added to National Library of Wales collection

A book depicting life in rural Wales during the early 1900s, written by an Abergele mother-of-four, can now be viewed at the National Library for Wales.

Emily Stanford’s book, Elin’s Air,  a period novel which sees the world through the eyes of a child in rural Wales at the turn of the 20th Century, was launched in Chester in October.

It tells a tale of poverty, the struggle between workers and employers, a religious revival, and a discovery of gold.

During a visit to the National Library of Wales before Christmas, Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar presented a copy of the book to the Chief Executive and Chief Librarian, Linda Tomos, for the Library's collection.

Darren, who has met the author and read the book, said:

“Emily is a very talented author and I was very pleased to be able to present a copy of Elin’s Air during my visit to the National Library of Wales.

“There are many amazing publications in the library and I was very proud to be able to add a book written by an author from my constituency to the collection.”

Emily said:

“I'm grateful for Darren taking the time to present a copy of Elin's Air to the National Library.

“It's thrilling that the book is proving to be very popular I'm delighted that it's getting rave reviews from readers.”

To find out more about Emily and her book visit her website: www.emilystanford.org

Elin’s Air is available to purchase from Amazon and Waterstones.