Enough is enough from Chief Constable

A former member of the North Wales Police Authority has today called for the resignation of the Chief Constable of North Wales Police in response to remarks from the police chief earlier this week on drugs.

Darren Millar, who is also the Assembly Member for Clwyd West, made his calls following comments from Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, who earlier this week predicted the ‘inevitable’ legalisation of all drugs within the next decade, and also claimed that ecstasy is safer to take than aspirin.

Darren Millar AM said, ‘Enough is enough – it really is time for this Chief Constable to move on. It has been one thing after the other and most people would agree that this is the final straw.

‘These latest comments have caused nothing but anxiety and have added needless confusion to the message being given to young and vulnerable people about drugs. 

‘It is outrageous to suggest that that ecstasy is safer than aspirin and it is grossly offensive to those people who have lost loved ones as a result of exposure to this dangerous drug.

‘The people of North Wales are sick and tired of Mr Brunstom’s headline grabbing antics, which do nothing for people’s respect and confidence in the North Wales Police Force and completely undermine any attempts of those who work to give the public the right information regarding drugs.
‘As public servants, Chief Constables should be enforcing the law – not publicly questioning it.’
He added, ‘I trust that the North Wales Police Authority will act swiftly to address this issue head on.’