Ten calls to re-open Wales and kickstart our economy

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Covid-19 Recovery, Darren Millar MS, has outlined Welsh Conservative calls in advance of the Welsh Government’s announcement on its review of coronavirus restrictions tomorrow.

From tomorrow, the Welsh Conservatives are urging the Welsh Government to take the following action to re-open Wales and kickstart the economy:

  1. Relax the 2m social distancing rule (with mitigating measures)
  2. Require face coverings on public transport and in shops
  3. Re-open indoor dining (pubs, bars, cafes, and restauarants)
  4. Re-open campsites
  5. Re-start services in places of worship (socially distanced)
  6. Re-open playgrounds and outdoor gyms
  7. Re-open beauty salons and wellness clinics
  8. Re-start driving lessons and tests
  9. Re-open toilets in pubs, bars, cafes, and restauarants
  10. Re-start house viewings

Commenting on the list, Darren Millar MS, said:

“This pandemic is about lives and livelihoods. It has never just been a public health emergency, it’s an economic one too, but the Welsh Labour-led Government is dragging its feet on the reopening of our economy and society.

“There appears to be little rationale behind decisions to re-open some businesses while keeping others closed, if caravan parks can open, why can’t campsites? And if a hairdresser can go back to work, a beauty therapist should too.

“By adopting our list the Welsh Government will help to give the public and businesses the confidence they need to kickstart our economy and get Wales moving again while still keeping people safe; Wales will also be able to maximise the benefits of yesterday’s announcements by the UK Chancellor.”