Energy tariffs confusing the customer

Welsh Conservative AM Darren Millar today called on energy companies to simplify their tariffs to help people compare energy and gas prices.

Speaking after exchanges with fuel companies in the Assembly’s Sustainability Committee, the Clwyd West AM said:

“It is very difficult for customers to compare energy tariffs unless they have internet access.
“With such a broad range of standing charges and energy tariffs, it is no wonder some people feel energy companies are deliberating making it hard to switch supplier.
“When energy prices are getting higher, especially here in Wales, the consumer has the right to try and get the best deal possible.
“Energy companies must also ensure their so-called social tariffs – aimed at those who have difficulty paying their bills – are set at reasonable rates.
"It is not right that some suppliers have social tariffs which are higher than their lowest rates.
“Tariffs must be made more transparent to enable people to shop around.”