The Welsh Government must act now to save jobs

Speaking in advance of this week's review of Coronavirus restrictions in Wales, Shadow Minister for Covid Recovery – Darren Millar MS – said:

“The lack of clarity from the Welsh Government on the reopening of Wales is impacting on personal relationships and the health and wealth or Wales.

“Travel restrictions are keeping loved ones apart, unnecessary uncertainty over the reopening of businesses is putting thousands of jobs on the line, and money which would have been spent in Wales is going elsewhere. 

“The Welsh Government must show some compassion, wake up to the dangers posed to the Welsh economy, and adopt a safe and sensible lifting of the restrictions to protect both lives and livelihoods.”

The Welsh Conservatives have said that this week's announcement should include:

1. Scrapping travel restrictions

2. Reopening retail

3. Reopening the property market

4. A timetable for reopening tourism businesses in time for the summer season

5. Lifting restrictions on outdoor attractions such as zoos

6. Permitting all non-contact outdoor sports and closed door professional and elite sports

7. A flexible approach to the reopening of places of worship

8. Improve access to dentists and opticians 

9. Extend opportunities for personal contact to support relationships