Welsh Government urged to act quickly to prepare for extra coronavirus pressures which could arise

With coronavirus cases in Wales on the increase, Clwyd West AM Darren Millar has expressed concern at the lack of critical care bed capacity in Wales and called on the Welsh Government to act quickly to prepare for the extra pressures that could arise.  

Darren is concerned as to how hospitals in Wales will cope should the outbreak spread throughout the country and said the Welsh Government needs to take action immediately to ensure that they can.      

He said:

“The lack of critical care bed capacity in Wales is a very serious concern. 

“Welsh hospitals already operate outside the guidelines set by Royal Colleges and our emergency departments, particularly in North Wales, are struggling to cope with existing demand, never mind the extra pressures which could arise as a result of the coronavirus. 

“The Welsh Government need to work quickly to identify how they could make extra bed capacity available. Bringing community hospital beds back into use in order to free up capacity in acute hospitals would be a good start”.